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PVA dispersion (polyvinyl acetate) D51 V,S,N/DF51/15V,S/DE51/15V,S/DE45/7V,S/DF51/10V,S/DE30/10V,S,N/DE 51/10V,S
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Dispersion polyvinyl acetate gomopolimerny grubodispersny - a product of emulsion polymerization of vinyl-acetic ester in the water environment in the presence of the initiator and a protective colloid. Has good binding properties, high adhesion to various materials. APPLICATION of PVAD - excellent...
Group: Dispersion polyvinylacetate
Wholesale: 0.99 RUB from 1000 kg.
Clay Terracol D301
In stock | Only wholesale 
Terracol D 301 - waterproof synthetic glue on the basis of the modified polyvinyl acetate emulsion.   It is used for pasting of products from wood with the increased water resistance, for example: windows, doors, crude rooms furniture. For pasting of solid and soft wood, chipboard and other...
Group: Glues
Wholesale: 0.99 RUB from 1000 kg.
The PVS 24/88 polyvinyl alcohol of $2,65 for 1 kg.
In stock 
Kuban Polymer supports the constant range of polyvinyl alcohols of the Chinese production in a warehouse of Krasnodar and Timashyovsk if necessary carries out shipments automobile or railway transports to any region. The wide experience of application of this product in the course of emulsion...
Group: Polyvinyl alcohol
ГИДРОФОБ 8П - гидрофобизатор фасадов
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  ГИДРОФОБ — 8П Гидрофобизатор фасадов       ОБЛАСТЬ ПРИМЕНЕНИЯ: Добавка предназначена для поверхностной обработки сооружений из природных и искусственных минеральных материалов(кирпич, штукатурка, природный и искусственный камень, водоэмульсионные краски), а также для модификации бетонов,...
Group: Coatings for water-proofing
229 RUB
Wholesale: 143 RUB from 500 l
Supersoftener of Reamin MF-27 concrete
In stock 
Reamin MF-27 is a highly effective supersoftener on the basis of melamine sulphonate. Very well disperses cement and fillers giving mixes uniform structure, increases the fluidity of mix with strong effect of reduction of water absorption Reamin MF-27 is used by production of commodity concrete and...
Group: Plasticizers and additives for concrete
Redispergiruyemy polymer
In stock 
Kuban Polymer possesses the technological line for production to 3000 tons of redispergiruyemy polymeric powders a year. Flexibility of the technological line and own production of latex polymers allows to pass into the shortest possible time from one compounding to another. Completely computerized...
Group: Powders redispersed
Sodium formiate
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Formiat of sodium in bags on 25 kg. The price is 21,5 rub for 1 kg. 
Group: Polymer blends
21.50 RUB
Wholesale: 21.50 RUB from 1 kg.
Polyethylene barrels of 40 l
In stock 
LLC Kuban-Polimer sells new polyethylene barrels of 40 l of the production. Sizes: height-55sm, width-40sm, cm mouth-15 d, weight-2,4kg  
Group: PET packaging
Terracol F200F latex
In stock | Only wholesale 
Terracol F200F - polyvinyl acetate latex. The ideal choice during creation of economic and environmentally friendly coverings. Effective binding of a pigment in the wide range of volume concentration of a pigment, gives an excellent combination of consumer properties, both in opaque, and in...
Group: Latex
Wholesale: 0.99 RUB from 1 t.
Latex SL 320 B
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
  TERRACOL SL-320 B represents the family vinilversatnyh latexes ( VA / W ). TERRACOL SL-B 320 due to an effective protective function Veova-10 is resistant to major adverse weathering UV rays, the temperature difference, the impact of rain and high alkalinity major types of building surfaces....
Group: Coating materials for aircraft and rocket construction
89 RUB(1.41 EUR)
Wholesale: 75 RUB(1.19 EUR) from 40 kg.
Wood glue Terracol D-301 water resistant
In stock 
Adhesive TERRACOL D 301   Description Terracol D 301 - waterproof synthetic glue based on the modified polyvinyl acetate emulsion. Used for bonding wood products with improved water resistance, such as: windows, doors, furniture for wet locations. For bonding hard and soft wood,...
Group: Wood cement
from 95 RUB


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